Texas General Square Candle Company Products

Texas General Square Candles and wax melts are Handmade right in the heart of Texas. People from across the US seek out this candle company because the candles and wax melts have the best distribution of scent that we have EVER seen.  These little candles put off enough scent to fragrance an entire house.   People buy them by the handfuls.  Be sure to check out our custom Dirt Road Divas scent!  It's scrumptious!


  • 2x2 votives (Sold as a Bundle of 5 for $30)
  • 8oz Candles ($24)
  • 20 oz Candles ($35)
  • 6 Pack of Super Concentrated Wax Melts (5 oz)
  • Box of 20 Bon Bon Wax Melts

****please note that all Texas General Candles are handmade in Texas and may take 1-4 days to make before shipping

 ** If you don't see your favorite scent on our website, just ask and we can likely get if for you..

18 hours burn time

Handmade in Texas