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If you live in or around Kingwood, Texas then you have most likely heard the name Dirt Road Divas Boutique.   You may have shopped at our store in the "front" of Kingwood or our store in the Harbor.   Maybe you even visited our Pearland, Texas store.
If you are not from the area or just have no idea who we are then....here goes....
In 2009 we opened up the cutest and most awesome (in my mind anyway..lol) women's clothing boutique.   For those from Kingwood...it was at the very front in the same shopping center as the Conservatory Hair Salon.

This was the inside & outside of our FIRST Dirt Road Divas.

  a sign in front of a building


 In 2014, our lease was up on our location in the front of Kingwood.   We decided to take a chance and move to the Harbor Shopping Center.   Now known as the "back" of Kingwood.  LOL.   The spot we picked was nothing but concrete walls and a concrete floor.   It took us about a year to get all the permits and build out the entire store just the way we liked it.


Our Second DRD Store......

a sign above a store


In 2017, we decided that we needed to go Online Only.  It was such a tough decision but honestly.....its tough for small local stores to compete with big guns like Amazon.  When we first started DRD in 2009...it wasn't that common to order clothing off of Amazon and especially not the unique boutique brands that we carried. But, y'all know how that goes....you can get your hearts desire on Amazon or really anywhere on the web.   It's hard to compete with that when you add 5k in rent per month on the top.


a close up of a logo

I wanted to start a blog for a few reasons.

  • I miss interacting with all the great customers that I met!  I loved meeting all of you and I would love to share all the awesome pics we took from our store events back in the day.
  • To let y'all know about sales and specials we currently have going on.   So you know FIRST!
  • To pass on information about trending fashions that are floating around and get your opinions on what you think about them.
  • To give y'all the opportunity to pre order clothing that hasn't hit stores yet.   If I see some really cute things...I can post them and take pre orders...before they even get to other store shelves.

a close up of a logo

Let's start this blog off with some golden oldies from our Limo parties

Look closely...you or your friends may be featured next!



a group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera

a group of people posing for a photo

a close up of a sign


a woman standing in front of a buildinga person standing in front of a buildinga person that is standing in the grass

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    Hi bought a pair of the vitamin A terry lounge pants. I love love them !!! Is there anyway I can buy more? Thanks 😁

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